Another positive day! 16 success!:)


What a Wednesday!

– Today was truly Amazing!..It was a little tiring then most, but I got so much done.

Started off my morning with a meeting to start volunteering for the AACY ( American Association of Care giving Youth).. Cant wait! Everyone should put a little of their time into volunteering, we may not all be financially able to donate, but everyone has time on their hands! It will help you remain positive, and also allow others to feel loved as well:).

– Tonight I had a great dinner with some awesome ladies, all of us didn’t even know each other (well some did) but we all sat there as though we’ve met for dinner plenty of times! not to mention I filled my sushi craving! I love meeting new people!

– I finally way able to create some of my visual dream board today! hooray! I love all these little art projects, brings out my kid side which we all tend to lose in life. (quit being so serious everyone!)

Okay, On to todays activitiy: My first thing I wrote down to execute from my dream board was

1.  Find balance!..(My yin n yang symbol)..I find myself trying to squeeze in so much into one day, and beat myself up if I can’t tackle it all. I need to practice better balance, and remember that Rome wasnt built in one day!

The rest I will execute in the next couple of days, but for now I’m going to go with practicing this whole balance thing and that means im done for tonight:)..

Hope you all had a great “hump day”

Keep on being positive, and thinking positive, ( no one likes a Debbie Downer anyway)

xoxo Stephi Paige


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