Day 15 activities via!


Hello day 15! and hello Tuesday!

I love todays activities because it’s all about following our Dreams!

The law of attraction explains if we imagine things in live or dream them to be true then they will eventually come to us!..May seem like a bogus idea to most but why not give it a try to test the magic behind this theory!

So today We should all work on picturing our life of positive and wholeness.

1. Be aware of you self today, how do you define yourself? what consists of your social environment? Do you feel you have a purpose, or do you inspire to be somewhere in life?

2. What do you want most out of life, and why is it not here yet? identify some roadblocks, maybe once you identify them then this may seem easier to achieve.

3. Like I had said earlier if you picture something, or have the ability to visual something and believe the truth and realism it hold, then by the law of attraction life shall bring you these things. Maybe not in the exact form, but it will come in some way.

So create yourself a visual board within the next 10 days, and  put on that board whatever it is that brings you into wholeness, or will allow you to be your positive self. (A visual board can consist of words, phrases, photos, magazine articles,etc.)

Hope everyone enjoys their day! Happy Tuesday!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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