Another completed day in the world of positive thinking:)


As day 14 comes to a close, I cant believe I have went on this long with noticing how to change my thoughts daily and to produce a healthier lifestyle for myself and others around me.

– Today was an amazing monday!..I had a great run, great coffee, and more calls back then usual at work.. must be all this positive energy Ive been puttting out there:)..Additionally I was overwhelmed with all the donations I received today for support in my 5k run. (I  actually pulled over and started to cry because of all the joy it brought me to know how many people out there support me!) So thank you I love u all and thanks for making me feel extra special today!

Everyday is an oppurtunity for me now, I wont let any days pass me by without feeling or reflecting that it brought me something, or I brought it something.

2. Today I educated my mind on the benifits of wheatgrass, which i just recently started to take shots of . only my third time today! (hard to get use to0).. But after reading all the great benifits this little 10z shot has on my health amazed me! I am going to try and make it more of a habit..(an oppurtunity to better my health).

3. I finally learned to volunteer for a role play activity for a theory that I am very unfamiliar, and uncomfortable working with (psychoanalysis)… To my surprise I received compliments on how well I did and other classmates even came to me after class saying what great ideas I had in dealing with the situation at hand ( this may sound confusing, but it was so rewarding)..I took something I feared and attacked it! I will now try and raise my hand or participate more in class for things that i am not comfortable with, and in return Ill gain more knowledge and practice from not fearing the unknown or unfamiliar:)

Thats it for now, back to more reading for class tomorrow, and some sleep!

xoxo stephi paige


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