Day 14 of 100 days! the two week mark!


Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I sure did, I had great times with friends, family, and managed to get some work done too!:)

Started off today with a bang! Ran my 5mil before work, very excited to run in honor of my grandpa Oct 1st! I am also overwhelmed by the donations I have already received from friends and family, your support has touched me along with many others who are effected by this disease. Heres my donation page if you feel like it:)…

Also..Pumpkin Flavored coffee is back at DD! def grabbed a cup before work, So yummy!

Todays Activities include:

Thinking everything as a oppurtunity.

As a situation arises in life you can either look at it as a roadblock or as a oppurtunity to better yourself or others. (I’ll take option two)

You have the ability to choose to be happy, so why not start today if you havent! Block out those negative feelings!

1. Today choose to think of everything as an opportunity, It may be hard in some situations, but believe me you can add something positive to every given situation.

2. Learn Something new by reading. Maybe an article, buying a new book, or just reading this blog for the first time. Gain some new insights, reading is the easiest way!

3. Lastly,do something that scares you 3 times this week. Life is too short to live in fear, so overcome it! try something new!

Have a great monday everyone! updates later

Also remember to check this is where all these great activities come from! or you can check my wall on Facebook and friend Ursula, she also posts them there:)

Keep reading, and keep positive!

xoxo Stephi Paige


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