12 whole days!


Saturday has come to a close. What an amazing day!
Woke up to having coffee with megan, then a nice steam and sauna session to sweat out the alcohol from the fun night before. Met the girls for lunch, got a little work done and then enjoyed some outdoor music with the parents, and then late dinner with the girls. I am pooped!
My list of 10:
1. Eat at restuarants that I’ve never been to before
2. Find a sowing class for me n Amanda 
3. Read my school books outside
4. Try a different yoga style( hot yoga)
5. Save up for a bike to ride to the beach when it gets cooler out.
6. See a comedy show
7. Find a new dance class
8. Start bracelet charity
9. Write more 
10. Lay in bed a little longer on Sundays:)

I’ve had so much to be thankful for these past days and my while life. Glad I am starting to do things and think in a way that only produces me to feel even better! 

Thanks again for the donations from my friends of my 5k run site. I am so lucky to have such wonderful supportive
 people in my life. I truly am blessed:)

Hope everyone enjoys there restful Sunday. I am going to take full advantage of this one!

Xoxo Stephi Paige 

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