Day nine and feelin fine:)


So wednesday is coming to a close, and tomorrow will be the tenth day of positive thinking!…WOW!

Well lets start with today.

For me today was one that brought me so much joy!

It all started with my motivation to wake up and start training my body even better for my 5k run on oct 1st. in honor of my grandpa, who I had lost to his battle with brain cancer in 09′. So today for the first time without walking in between I ran/jogged for 40 minutes straight on a treadmill (Never had even attempted before, but I did it!)..Then upon finishing my 5 miles if the morning I received an email informing me that my dad had made the first donation on my webpage, and following another by Not a bad way to start the morning:).

Work went by pretty fast I took my time with calls and sipped my soy vanilla latte from Starbuck’s, (absolutely delicious!)

Okay on to my completed activities to finish off my day:

1. Constantly I beat myself up over when I allow people a second or even third chance back into my life and then allow them break me down emotionally…But today I told myself everyone that has come into my life, came in for a reason, and left for a reason, and with each taught me a lesson. Now, I can just breathe, move on, forgive  and forget whoever they may be, or whatever they may have done because my happiness is way more valuable. To be completely happy and positive them means letting go of the anger towards everything so even if that means forgiving those who wronged you so you can forget and MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!:)

2. Journal writing is my forgivness ritual, and actually my ritual for everything thats going on in this head of mine. Writing things down and getting it off my chest even if its on pen and paper, i am still releaseing my thoughts both positive and negative, which allows me to move past the “past” literally, and live presently.

Thats it for now, up early tomorrow for some more running, my last class for the week, and then hello glass of red wine:)!

xoxo Stephi Paige

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