Day 8 was amazing!


Tuesday brought me great success happiness, new goals, and a great positive attitude!

Started my day off with my usual 4mile walk/run..then it was off to work.

Following work a I picked up some canvas at the art supply store, for my task of replacing my white wall which Ursula ( ) is helping me with. So excited!

Additionally picked up some beads and string and made some bracelets….An old hobby of mine that I totally forgot about:).

Then did a little yoga, and it was off to class.

1. I had always wanted to run a marathon, and never have. Its amazing how the law of attraction works, becuase on the radio I came across the ad for the live strong 5k run for cancer. I signed up…so visit my facebook profile page and click on the link i posted:)…I did set a goal of hoping to raise 200$ for the run on oct 2nd. I will achieve it because I know I can. I have been running a lot lately and this run will be a great success for a great cause

2. My family is already my great support system, but I know I have other friends out there as well that undoubtly support me in all i do:)

( Thanks Guys!)

3. Three things I have already accomplished

1. I have graduated college!

-I got my BA in Intercultural Communication in 2010, and am currently working on my Masters in Mental Health Counseling!

2. I overcame my fear of driving on the highway

– I drive to school 3x a week to davie ( and I enjoy the ride)

3. CAptian of my Highschool DAnce Team

– We were awesome:)

Today was great, and excited for what tomorrow has to offer:)

xoxo Stephi Paige

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  1. Steph,
    What a happy read…bracket looked awesome!!! Congrats on the 5k…my 1st one was so much fun! I am trying to run my 1st 1/2 in Dec”) and dance team”) sweet…did ya know I go to ballet lessons?”) ya should come sometime…see ya for painting!
    Keep up the positive leadership!

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