Day 4 Activities complete:).. day 5 and 6 activities..(updates coming sunday)


Well its time to get ready to bask in my success of the week and relax with some great friends for the weekend:)

Before I probably will be out of touch for a day, I will leave everyone with my success from today as well as the weekend activities

for everyone thats joining in on this little adventure!

Today was successful but a little challenging. It started off great with a nice 4mile run but then I think maybe the weather got the best of me…its okay though quickly tuned it around and took an afternoon yoga class and switched my mood up.

1. TOday When I felt that crap mood start to creep up on my I stated the positive affirmation I choose and started to feel better. ( probably said it more that 5 times today)

2. I am definatly ready to enjoy my friday, and am writing now because I know after a cocktail my typos and misspellings will be even worse.;)

3. I am proud of all this blogging Ive been doing. It is my first time so bare with me, but It is very therapeutic I must say.

and now for the weekend activities via:

Saturday and Sunday Stay Positive all Weekend Long!

5. Re-Direct your thoughts.

Try 3 re-direct tools this weekend:
1. Create a happy thought…paint, draw or doodle a happy thought and pin it in a place ya normally feel a lil less than positive.

( I probably will put mine on top of my laudry basket that i know will eventually have to be done this weekend).

2. Give yourself positive feedback to keep bad feelings away. Try and take your own advice instead of others. Its you who knows you best anyway:).

3. Lastly If you fall off the beaten path a little this weekend, its okay it happens…But you have to own up to it! Which means:
Writing yourself a ticket.…write it out, and pin it up on the wall where all the other important bills or things you need to remember to mail out are because this ticket will mean:

20 mins of cardio(good for you time out 1) or (number 2) flossing your teeth<—thank ursula for this one..:)..but hey if you do the crime you have to do the time hehe.

And thats that! Have an awesome weekend everyone! Updates to come soon!


xoxo Stephi Paige

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