Day 3!


So day 3! Hump day:)
Hope everyone is feeling just as positive as me that’s reading this…
-began my day with a great yoga class before work, saw the new glee movie with my mom, and went for a nice little 3 mile run in my new sneakers! Feels like everything I did today related some way or another to the activites at hand.

And here’s why…

1. Starting with my feel good came in the previews of the lion king movie. “A kuna matata”(hope I spelled that right otherwise if my brothers reading this I’ll hear about it later). But I have forgotten all about that song! I mean a song that repeats “no worries” puts me in a damn good mood.

2. My last name..S-sweet A-awesome N-nice D-dorky S-silly
Comlimets to me!:)

3. My mantra being new to yoga is definatly “om” which is pretty basic too some but to me so important because we constantly lose focus..and “om” is exactly that…focus vibrations.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Also it’s Friday too and we can’t complain about that!

Xo Stephi Paige                   

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