Day 3 Activities of thinking positive. Words that “evoke”…


100 days of positive thinking continues! Why am I so excited about day 3?

Day 3 of any challenge to me in known as “hump day”. Which means that you got over that 3 day hump so the rest is easy is pie (well if u cant cook pie I guess not a great metaphor to use)..Anyway, whether its a new eating plan, exercise regime or the regular work week, once we arrive at day 3 you start to really feel the effects and the task at hand becomes more or a lifestyle then a challenge.

DAy 3 activities includes words that evoke strength, success, and joy.


1. Pick a feel good theme song and jam out to it all day. You know that one song that just always gets you dancing in the car, or just simply puts a smile on your face. Either way, music and its lyrics are an instant mood changer. A song quickly “tune” out any thoughts in your head and magically replace them with its feel good vibrations.:)

-Feel free to leave your songs as comments, either on my blog, facebook, or twitter. Id love any suggestions of great music!


2. TAke out a sheet of paper and write down your last name. Then use the lettters to write an amazing quality you possess.

– If you have lots of letters in your last name, then get ready to compliment yourself a lot today:)

3. Lastly pick a mantra, and only one, and it will be used later in the week.

-to get some ideas on mantras and what they are visit:

Keep thinking positive everyone! WAking up happy and on the right side of the bed feels great!

Enjoy your day!

xo Stephi Paige

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