Day 2 completed of Positive thinking!


Lately I’ve been in bed by this time, but not without an update!

Day 2 is coming to a close for me, and what a day…..

Woke up this morning with a 3 mile run to make sure my head was nice and clear for the day ahead:)

Also a side note, shape magazine also started off with a tweet today of lets have everyone only say positive things on twitter, and started to trend #positivity! cool is that! Apparently we are all thinking this is a good time to voice about how powerful a positive mind can be:)…Okay back to my success with activities of day 2:

1. I was able to move away my thoughts from an individual who I always thought of in a negative light, and quickly switched it to something positive ( hard to do) not only did it free up my mind to think about more useful things, it also made me finally realize how useless it is to think about someone else if it is not supplying you with positive and feel good energy.

2. I was finally able to just be let my thoughts run rapid and not fully meditate in yoga class at the final relaxation closing of the class. (quieting your mind for ten whole minutes is harder then in looks!)…something im sure Ill have to keep practacing but today was very successful!

3. I looked in my closet this morning and realized that everything in there that hasent been used in the past 6mnths has no reason to be there anymore. Ive already felt the joy when buying or receiving these items, so why not just put it all in bags ( 2 full ones..guess i could be on hoarders haha)…and before my yoga class tonight dropped um in the clothing donation bin for some others to enjoy somewhere out there.

Excited to wake up tomorrow and continue reporting and recognizing the highs of my day:)..

xoxo Stephi Page

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  1. Love positive thinking! Since this started, I have been getting up early to go for a run in the mornings. I am slowing making those positive changes in my life.

    • Thats Great! Running is so good for you especially starting your day with it. Just by you make these little changes youll definatly uplift others around you as well:).
      Thanks for reading! enjoy day 3!

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