Day 2 of Positive days Continues….


I hope everyone is having a pleasant start to their Hump day!.I woke up feeling refreshed and excited to  try out the new activities for day 2, as welll as continue with my day 1 accomplishments of positivity.

Day 2 Activities as posted by are as follows:


Holding on to these negative emotions such as a grudge towards someone, a negative feeling for a task at work etc. just adds to that situation making it worse, when really how bad is it if just LET IT GO!..LET GO OF THAT NASTY NEGATIVE THOUGHT of whatever it is we carry while thinking about a certain person or situation.

1. Let go of one negative person in your life, dont get rid of them, just get rid of the thoughts about them, which means that energy you are using to “negativley think about them. (maybe that means youve held that grudge with a friend or an ex-lover that is still eating u up inside and sucking up you energy)…

2. Let go of a quality you carry within yourself  that tends to be negative, a personality trait, or a feeling, and replace it with a positive one… maybe you always tend to be critical with yourself, with others, whatever it may be…Today I will let one of my negative traits go, and try and replace it.

3. Lastly get in that closet or room of yours, and give away one unnecessary material item or items..(necessaties include food shelter and dont go giving away your house or anything) …giggle giggle…. Donate this item or items, and bring joy to someone else, or maybe simply as turning in old clothes to platos closet and taking a friend to lunch:)…whatever it is use that material item to bring joy to soemone else since it once gave you that same joy.


I will post my success later (positive already hehe)

Hope everyone has a great day!

xo Stephi Page



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