Day 1 of 100 days of Positive Thinking


Well day 1 of positive thinking had me feeling great all day long! I additionally was even more encouraged to take part on this adventure when I received so many inquires regarding this journey and how to participate (which anyone can).

Its crazy how just one negative thought, response, or statement, can alter your way of thinking and feeling all day  long.

This is something we learn time time and again, but actually putting in to practice is something we tend avoid subconciously.  Pulling the plug on negativity and trying to turn just the positive can really affect your situations and their outcomes (for the better) all day long. Positive thinking uplifts you, and also those around you.

Additionally, ending my day by recognizing some accomplishments is also something normally I wouldnt do.

So as promised  telling myself I am the best at something 3x:

1. I am great with time management

-This morning I managed to go for a run to watch the sunrise, and cook myself a homemade vegan breakfast

(tofu veggie scramble ) , After all that I still made it to work by 9am:)

2. I am the best at helping others

-A lady in my office this morning was having anxiety trouble ( culprit too much coffee) but managed to teach her some quick relaxation training techniques and she said “wow I feel better already”.

3. I am good at Inspiring others

– So many people are jumping on the positive train!


Lastly, The 1 thing I am afraid of that I accomplished today:

– Attempted the head stand in yoga tonight. I will eventually get it, and I know this because I tried:)!

-Well I hope anyone else who attempted day 1 today enjoyed! CAnt wait to hear/ read others results!

-Excited for day 2!

xo Stephi Page

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